The Role of Underground Space in Future Sustainable Cities


  • Multi-Utility Tunnels – The ultimate solution      
  • Contractual Risk Sharing – a win / win arrangement        
  • The right tunnelling construction method for the right application            
  • Maintenance free design in sewer tunnels – Fact or Fiction
  • Urban dewatering and flood control with underground structures           
  • Review of current tunnel design methods for mined tunnelling methods             
  • Innovation in Tunnelling technologies   
  • CAPEX vs. OPEX – how to define life cycle project cost
  • Sustainable use of underground space
  • Ground engineering and risks management       
  • Advances in the material sector               
  • Repair and maintenance of underground structures
  • Smart City – how can underground space contribute
  • The importance of Project Management in Project development            
  • Case studies on TBM projects   
  • Life Safety for underground structures

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