The Role of Underground Space in Future Sustainable Cities

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Tunnelling Journal delivers unrivalled editorial quality that features contemporary, lively, cutting edge articles with specific and unparalleled relevance to the tunnelling contractor, consultant, clientand machine manufacturer. Published six times a year, the print copy is partnered with a constantly updated website, fortnightly newsletter and a digital edition of the print copy. We also publish Breakthrough magazine for the ITA Young Members, Australasian Tunnelling Society Journal, and we are organisers of the British Tunnelling Society Conference 2018 and the Cutting Edge Conference in partnership with the UCA of SME. For everything please visit -


First published in 1969, Tunnels and Tunnelling International continues to hold the highest reputation of any magazine in the regional tunneling industry and is today a leading source of information about the business you are in, that's 47 years of continuous service to the industry.

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Through face to face contact with clients, project development groups, consulting engineers, contractors and equipment and material suppliers Tunnels and Tunnelling International is a comprehensive record of what's new, what’s in the planning stage, what's ready to bid and what's in construction; keeping today’s tunnelling professional informed and ahead. The subscribers to this long established market-leading magazine are civil engineering tunnelling professionals, making our readers your target audience.
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As a practice-oriented, specialized technical journal, tunnel devotes itself to the planning and construction as well as research, technical equipment installation, maintenance and refurbishment of underground structures. The journal is distributed internationally, in conformity with current building events. As "Official organ of the Studiengesellschaft für unterirdische Verkehrsanlagen e.V." (STUVA = Research Association for Underground Transportation Facilities), Cologne, the tunnel is a member of the IVW circulation audit.

target group: tunnel construction companies, engineering offices and buildingauthorities

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Ventures ONSITE, a product by Ventures Middle East, has been a market leader in tracking construction projects across the MENA region for more than 15 years. Ventures ONSITE provides accurate and detailed information on completed, current, and future construction projects.

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Urban Railways is a monthly Journal dedicated to the Railway and Urban Development Sector. It captures and analyses the developments related to Urban Mobility, Mass Rapid Transit Systems (MRTS), Indian Railways and Rail Logistics. In its 3rd Year of monthly publication, Urban Railways aims to catalyze the economic activities related to Railways and MRTS in Asia, Africa and UAE. Expanding its reach to the stakeholders in these continents to create new opportunities for all. India has vast opportunities for International Investors, Technology, Product and Solution Providers in Railways and MRTS segments. Urban Railways aims to be the platform for the International Community to exchange ideas and knowledge for the benefit of all.


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The GDMB is an international forum for technical-scientific exchange of experiences between industry, public authorities and science. It is an important part of the international network in the areas of raw material extraction and non-ferrous metallurgy. Our members are individuals, companies, university institutes and public authorities. They have expertise in geology, mining of raw materials and in the fields of processing, land rehabilitation and renaturing. The GDMB organizes regular meetings of specialist committees, colloquia, symposia and congresses on special themes serving international exchange of knowledge. As a publisher of specialist literature, the GDMB is an important industry-specific source of information.


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